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AppyThings is a leading digital innovation company that provides complete digital solutions to help you through the process of creating, implementing, and managing your digital transformation.
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Business Model Innovation

API & Event Streaming Strategy

You are losing business, need a new way of generating revenue, want to improve on productivity and agility, et cetera. Whatever your reason is, with Business Model Innovation we can help you to find your new path.

We help you reap the rewards of a new API-/Event Streaming-based business or prepare your entire business in this new approach to work. We do this by introducing the tools you need and prepping your organization and culture for operating in a new way. Also, we help you with selecting the right tools to do so.

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Execution of innovation

Building APIs & Event Streams

If you know where you want and/or need to go with your business, we can help you to get there faster.
We specialize in APIs and Event Streams. We have experience in building APIs and Event Streams like no other. Let us focus on your needs so that you can stay focused on the business's growth.
What could you build with all the time and effort you’d have if we took care of your APIs and Event Streams?

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Sharing knowledge


It is always good to have knowledge yourself. This is why it makes sense to have your people read, understand, and develop core knowledge so you can make good decisions and strong partnerships.

Whether you develop or outsource everything, it’s your business and you need to know what’s going on! We arrange training sessions for your people about the Business part of APIs-Event Streams, the Architecture part, the Development part, and also the Operations part.

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Handover to Operations

Maintenance & Monitoring

When you and your users depend on your IT for your innovations, it’s crucial to keep all systems and processes running.
We handover developed APIs & Event Streams to our monitoring & support affiliate, AppyRuns, or your own support department. We’ll work 24/7 to keep your APIs, Event Streams and related systems up and running without an issue.

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AppyThings service offerings

Together we achieve more

That’s why we combined forces with some of the leading players in the API field.

Together, we deliver what matters to you. First-class API products and real-time Event Streams, with impeccable support and a leading customer experience.

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Google Cloud Platform Implementation
Azure API Management Implementation
SAP API Management Implementation AWS API Management Implementation


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Understand the usage

We will put all your APIs and Event Streams in a management platform, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time.

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Improve Security

APIs are the front door to your organization. To fully protect your APIs against threats, AppyThings can help you adopt an effective API security strategy.

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Best in class development

AppyThings can help create best in class IT Integration for you using APIs, API Management, and Event Streaming.

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